Welcome to Incoming Nordkalotten AB

Incoming Nordkalotten AB is a privately owned Destination and Event management company located in the city of Luleň,
the communication centre of northern Sweden. The company is a member of the NEX group with 100 employees working
within business travel and transportation departments. With the big capacity in air transportation to Luleň airport and the
activities being comprehensive and well organized, we efficiently make arrangements for groups up to 1,000 persons.

Our location - Far up in the north is the beautiful Baltic city of Luleň, situated only 160 km south of the Arctic Circle. Historic Luleň, with it's 71 000 inhabitants and the northernmost situated university in Sweden, offers lots of culture and history as well as a rich nightlife. Read more >>

Is a product concept including Icebreaking Meetings, Dinner On Ice and Driving On Ice. Suiting meetings and conferences, launch events and incentives- when space for mind is required. Read more >>